ArduinoConnect / RasPiConnect

Build Great Control Panels for Raspberry Pi/Arduinos

ArduinoConnect is a flexible, customizable control panel / display for your Arduino available on iPads and iPhones . It consists of two parts:

  • ArduinoConnect - available on Apple Appstore
  • ArduinoConnectServer - Written in Python and available on for free download

IMG_0095IMG_0205iOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 22, 2013 5.13.25 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 25, 2013 1.27.43 PM

The major features of ArduinoConnect are:
  • LIVE controls (in-app purchase)
  • Easy to setup control interfaces (all done on iPad/iPhone - no need for downloading or syncing)
  • TEN independent pages of displays available
  • Can talk with Raspberry Pi’s with In-App Purchase (See RasPiConnectServer for description of Raspberry Pi Interface)
  • Display text, meters, images all from your Pi to your iPad/iPhone
  • Customizable Action Buttons allow the iPad/iPhone to control your Arduino
  • Auto refresh keeps things up to date
  • You can connect to multiple Arduinos and Pi’s on every page
  • Wide variety of different customizable controls on the iPad/iPhone
  • Open source customizable server for your Arduino written in C++
  • Two ways of Importing / Exporting for sharing configurations

The major features of the ArduinoConnectServer are:

  • Full Open Source Code
  • Easily Modifiable by User
  • Small footprint - usable on any Arduino with at least 8K of SRAM (ArduinoMega 2560 and above)
  • Full Documentation
  • Excellent Examples
  • Modular Architecture
  • Supports Webcams / i2c devices / custom hardware
  • Bi-Directional interface with the ArdudinoConnect client software
  • Uses JSON for Communication and XML For Configuration Files
  • demopageiOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 22, 2013 5.13.31 PM